The specialists for your project!
The specialists for your project!

About Us

In April 2010 several SAP experts teamed up and founded SHARE Ltd – IT consulting and development. On day one we already had 30 years of SAP know-how at our disposal. Share Ltd. provides SAP experts with knowledge of ABAP development, SAP access and user management as well as PP consulting.

With long term SAP product knowledge and profound experience, we lead your venture to success. Our focus on selected subject areas and expert knowledge is the cornerstone of success to our projects.

First and foremost is listening to and understanding your requirements. Consequently we develop custom tailored solutions and processes for your specific needs. We provide support in all phases of the project, starting with prototyping and solution design through GoLive, training, documentation, and support.

gruppe arbeitet an einem projekt
Which problems can we solve for you?
Which problems can we solve for you?

Our competence

We offer expert advice in these modules:

ABAP Development

  • dialog programming
  • reporting and dynpro
  • design and programming interfaces
  • User Exits, BADI’S and Enhancements
  • data migration
  • workflows
  • ABAP performance optimization
  • ABAP OO programming
  • IDOC converting
  • creating development guideline
  • SOA Manager set up

SAP authorizations

  • customer specific authorization concepts for all EPR moduls (design, implementation and roll out)
  • optimised user management
  • preparation and assistance for system security audits
  • SAP license optimizing and system measurement
  • controlled table data access
  • Practical experience in multiple modules. As a result I am able to manage rational, process-related authorisation setup.

Production planning and control

  • customizing, process adjustment and training
  • production planning
  • product cost calculation
  • product data management
  • repetitive manufacturing / assemble-to-order
  • sales and operating planning (SOP)
  • material requirements planning
  • change mangement
  • disposition
  • capacity planning

project management

  • customer business target and –success in focus
  • process modelling and establishment
  • team-building, coordination and motivation
  • generating added value for the customer
  • motivating the team to improve the outcome
  • expert for warehouse systems and fashion/contract logistics
  • deep knowledge of disposal systems and car pool coordination
  • years of management expertise including disciplinary and technical guidance of up to 180 employees
  • SAP skills


Here is a selection of locations and industries of our customers:


  • Japan
  • Korea
  • India
  • Hungary
  • Swizzerland
  • Austria
  • Romania
  • Italy
  • USA
  • Mexico
  • England


  • Hamburg: Shipyard
  • Munich: Consulting
  • Stuttgart: Automotive Engineering
  • Nuernberg: Automotive Subcontractor
  • Frankfurt: Automotive Subcontractor
  • Donauwuerth: Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Dresden: Softwaredevelopment
  • Cologne: Domotics
  • Wolfsburg: Automotive Engineering
  • Reutte: Highfusing Metallurgy
  • Herrsching: Construction Machinery Manufactoring
  • Augsburg: Mechanical Engineering

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Data only adds value if it can be easily interpreted.
Uwe Goehler

ABAP Development

Optimized and flexible production processes ensure your market advantage!
Andreas Jaepel

PP Consulting

Authorisation has to fit like a good pair of shoes!
Falk Hoppe

SAP authorisation management

Being a coach means being an instigator to thinking and acting. One who let others grow by challenge. A kingmaker and not a dwarf producer.
Fred Hillmann



Have you been involved with SAP for several years? Did you successfully complete tasks in your company – without recognition? Do you miss variety in your job? Are you looking for a team with which you can grow? Do you like to interact, socialize, and travel?

Then we would like to hear from you. An unsolicited application via the contact form below is appreciated.


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